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I have been working with horses for over twenty-three years and have always had a deep rooted passion for them.  I have many years of riding and training experience with horses of all breeds, personalities and ages alike. I began riding lessons at a young age and went on to purchase my own horse soon after. Learning the massage and reiki treatments have proved to be very effective on my own horse, as he experienced a serious injury in September of 2008, giving me vital hands-on practical experience with my training.  He ended up making a full recovery in which the massage therapy played a huge role.

I continued to have a lot of interest in the general overall health and wellness of all horses and ponies and often am often the first one in the barn to notice horses needing assistance and love to help them! I now use what I have learned both from my equine college education, hands-on experience, massage course, reiki and all my years of equine experience (including working at various stables from private farms to Olympic level and OVC large animal clinic at the U of G as an agricultural assistant), as well as ongoing learning to help horses get back to their full potential from injuries or other issues caused by muscle tension/spasm/imbalance/compensatory etc.  I have always enjoyed working with horses and doing what I can to help them feel and perform at their absolute best.

Equine massage & reiki is much more than just a career for me, it truly is my passion! 


~ Certified Equine Massage Therapist

~ Level I Certified Reiki Practitioner

~ Level II Certified Reiki Practitioner  

~ Associate Agriculture Diploma In Equine Studies 
(successfully completed courses such as: Equine Anatomy and Physiology, Alternative Therapies, Conformation and Lameness, Equine Health, Feeds and Feeding, and Conditioning)

~ General B.A Degree

~ 23+ Years equine experience

~ Current membership in good standing with the OEF


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